Mission Statement: Our mission at Twocan Print is to provide each of our clients with the best possible customer service.
To supply the most effective advertising material we can produce. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness. To be inventive, create value and make a difference. To share our successes fairly with our employees and to support our Local Community as much as possible.

Director: Mathew Milligan, began working life as a Plasterer in 1995 and was considering an apprenticeship when told of a Signwriter Apprenticeship job available at Insite Advertising. Mat is from a family of Signwriters and was keen to get into the industry. Mat learned his trade across the many types of signage produced in those days and gained a lot of experience due to the size of Insite. Mat completed his apprenticeship in 2000, in early 2003 he was elevated to chief Digital Printer.
Insite specialised in Real Estate Boards. However other commercial work was also undertaken. This included banners and flags for the likes of the Kawasaki Track Racing team. Large signage was also done for new housing estates for Metricon homes.
In late 2003 Insite closed and a new business was born, Printergy. Mat was one of only two employees out of 50+ to be invited to work for Printergy which continued the theme of mixing Real Estate with Commercial Signage. Mat worked for Printergy until September 2012. In 2013 Mat combined with Dennis Wiffrie to start Twocan Print.

Director: Dennis Wiffrie, began working life as a Trade Compositor in 1984 (now known as Desktop Publisher), completed apprenticeship in 1988. Dennis then formed a partnership with his parents Flexographic and Rubber Stamp Company (Wiffrie & Co Pty Ltd) and opened a Pre-Press Postscript Film Bureau within the family business. By 2003 however technology caught up and Film Bureaus were being replaced by “in-house” offset platemaking systems. Dennis closed the Pre-Press division, relocated and downsized Wiffrie & Co to a home business which still continues today. In September 2003 Dennis took a job with Insite Advertising in Mitcham where he met Mat Milligan. Dennis was hired as a troubleshooter in Pre-Press and Digital workflow. When Insite closed abruptly Dennis was the other employee to be invited to work for Printergy. In 2007, feeling the work at Printergy was done Dennis moved on to an IT Company to further his interest in Digital Workflow Automation. This went very well until the GFC. In 2009 Dennis attained a Senior IT position with AGTC Consulting in Melbourne. And now in 2013 has joined forces with Mat to create Twocan Print.